Fowler Welch announces the Child Brain Injury Trust as its Charity of the Year for 2022!

When a child acquires a brain injury it can have a devastating impact on all the family.  Every year thousands of families are left without any support and often feel alone and with nowhere to turn to.

The Child Brain Injury Trust,, offers support to families and professionals working with children and young people who find themselves in need of information about what’s happened and how to cope.  They are there to listen and help with practical and emotional issues which may arise over time.

This Charity is particularly important to Fowler Welch as their support has been invaluable over the past year to Fowler Welch Washington colleague, Chris Harte. Chris’ young son, Nathan, was involved in a serious RTA involving a bus on 16th April 2021 and suffered severe injuries to his face and head.  Although the outward injuries have healed, the impact of the brain injury that occurred has been life changing for Chris and his family.

Over the next year across the UK, Fowler Welch will be raising awareness and fundraising for this incredible charity, with a wide range of events and initiatives supported by local Fowler Welch Charity Champions.

The first “event” was an Easter Raffle across all the Fowler Welch depots!

Individually, two Fowler Welch colleagues are also undertaking serious sponsored challenges to raise important funds for this valuable cause. Oliver Warren will be running a Marathon, and Alan Ringrose, Stuart Gray and Neil King will be riding the C2C2C cycle challenge.

A wide range of other initiatives are currently evolving including a link up with Amazon offshoot – Amazon Smile, the setup of Sweet donation stations across Fowler Welch sites, a Fowler Welch Grant scheme to support CBIT special days, and high profile signage around Fowler Welch locations. 

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