Refer an applicant and you could be quids in!

In light of Culina Groups impressive growth, we continue to seek out the highest calibre candidates to join our ranks. You will continue to see various exciting job opportunities on offer across entire the network via this website, so be sure to stay tuned.

I am pleased to say that numerous positions within the company are currently filled by people who originally applied after receiving a Culina Group employee recommendation. Given the great quality of candidates that this approach has presented to Culina Group, the business is absolutely committed to ensuring this fantastic practice continues as we press forward with our ambitious expansion plans.

As such, I am delighted that Culina Group has formally introduced the 'Refer an Applicant' scheme. This involves Culina Group employees personally recommending a reliable friend or family member to apply for a specified vacancy, and if the applicant referral is successful, then the existing employee will be awarded a lump sum of £250 after the successful completion of the new joiner's probationary period.

The incentive is available for specified roles, which are clearly highlighted by a star icon. If you are the applicant, please be advised that you must clearly specify the details of the Culina Group employee who has referred you during the online application stage, because this cannot be specified at a later date.

Meanwhile, the referrer of the candidate needs to work for the company at the time of the successful completion of the new employee's probation to be eligible to receive the incentive.

Refer away!

Richard Berry, Group HR Director

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