This summer Culina Group is introducing what it believes is a radically new concept in UK 3PL – TechHub.

Pushing the glass ceiling, blue sky thinking, Helicopter perspectives, Ideation, Innovation, Initiative, TechHub is here!

Creating and defining cutting edge Logistics innovations to establish Culina Group as the UK’s most technologically advanced 3PL.

This summer Culina Group is introducing what it believes is a radically new concept in UK 3PL – TechHub.

Techub – is to be a completely new department within the Culina Group organisation and will be based at Culina House the Groups head office in Warrington in the North West of England. The role of TechHub is to be unique within Culina Group and almost certainly within UK Logistics.

In the words of the great orators of the business community – TechHub will be focused on “pushing the glass ceiling” of possibilities, “blue sky thinking” without rules to brainstorm breakthrough alternatives to doing things the way they have always been done, and taking “helicopter perspectives” of operations, systemisation, and approaches to business to identify opportunities for improvements and transformations.

TechHub will focus on technical development and evolution of cutting edge new ideas, innovations, and initiatives.

The new department will help Culina Group to grow, expand, and further build its reputation as a progressive market leader in UK Logistics and a company that seeks to continually optimise its service partnerships with clients.

Culina Group has established a powerful reputation as a high quality operator that will always focus on doing the best they can for every client on every contract chilled or ambient, large or small, complex or routine, intricate or simple. TechHub will help take this focus a stage further and will be a centre of excellence for ideation, innovation and initiation:

  • Ideation – developing ideas and concepts, the sequence of thoughts, from original concept to implementation
  • Innovation – defining a change or update that dramatically improves efficiency, productivity, or outcome, not just a change but a “game changer”
  • Initiative – making the first steps to taking a new concept from vision into reality

TechHub will be a dedicated centre of innovation where Culina Group will trial tools, processes and technologies to support and enable growth to become the UK’s most technologically advanced 3PL.

“Matrix” Team is being established across the Culina Group business within which it will be everyone’s remit and responsibility to, innovate, and exploit new ideas, and to define exciting new concepts for the further evolution of Culina Group.

TechHub teams will meet with Culina Group business units to discuss ideas and how they can assist. There will be an on-going programme of incentives and rewards to maintain engagement and involvement.

The department will provide a dynamic and highly visible contribution to the evolution of Culina group. Development processes will be efficient and rapid. Trialing and implementation of agreed ideas will take place over a four to six week period to fully assess and prove/disprove any hypothesis.

The team will present rolling exhibits every few months to illustrate the contributions being made to the evolution of Culina Group and its businesses.

TechHub will be both physical and virtual, to bring creative and innovative people from across the business together. It will be a convenor and catalyst, providing space and support for innovation, business development and engagement within the technology space.

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